What a wonderful couple of nights!

In The Winter Wonderland!

In The Winter Wonderland!

Our concerts were a great success, many folks saying that they were completely entertained and caught up in the music.

Not too many boo-boos, an interesting entrance on Saturday, and on Sunday, the piano dropped out completely during the song, “My Favorite Things.”

There was a moment when we floundered a tiny bit, as we all sensed something going wrong, but then we came back in and finished the song.

Marge, our accompanist kept a cool head, and was pleased we added another “a capella” song into the mix!

I especially loved hearing us all, singers, our announcer Russ, and all of the audience singing “O Holy Night” together.

But the fun isn’t over yet—one more night on December 13th at Outer Aisle in Murphys!

Hope to see lots of folks come out!
Happy Holidays!