Wrapping up a fabulous season of song

Another fabulous season of song has just wrapped up as the old year is coming to a close.

Sunday night December 14th was another wonderful show, a great venue and a super audience!
Oh, and again, a standing ovation!
It was so lovely seeing all the bright happy faces in the audience smiling back at us.
So thank you everyone who came out to Outer Aisle.

Some highlights:

I just loved singing the carol “O Holy Night” with Russ and the audience.
It is truly magical to be surrounded by the music.
And what a beautiful song—love those high notes!

Also, when Yebuny’s little girl, Cordelia came in she looked over at all of us and her face just lit up!
She is a little bright spot at our rehearsals and it’s clear she loves all her Aunties!

And then Yebuny brought her over while we sang “Silent Night” at the perfect moment when we got to ” ’round yon virgin, mother and child.”
I admit I got a little choked up.

Last year at this time we learned Yebuny was expecting, so it’s like Cordelia has been with the choir since then!

And many thanks to Julie, our fearless leader, who guides us through each song with her expert hand, and always gets us through those tricky sticky passages to the goal of beautiful music.

And thanks also to Marge for her dedication and talent at the keyboard!
You always make us sound good!

All of us are looking forward to another musical year (it will be the 10th anniversary of Mountain Melody) full of camaraderie and song!

Happy New Year and here’s to a fabulous 2015!