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Mountain Melody’s Women’s Chorus Presents: “Back To Broadway”

Mountain Melody Women’s Chorus Presents: Back To Broadway
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Once again as the spring season breezes into our lives, so Mountain Melody Women’s Chorus presents our breezy and delightful spring concerts: “Back to Broadway.”

With old favorites and new classic tunes, Mountain Melody is bringing the excitement of New York’s Theater District to the California Foothills.

When you think about all things Broadway, you imagine melody, harmony, syncopation and anticipation, and truly unforgettable music.

We aim to transport you to those storied stages with songs from some of the greatest musicals such as: Wicked, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, Fiddler on the Roof,  and the Phantom.

There is something for everyone in this exuberant program, so gather your family, friends and neighbors and come enjoy one of our 3 concerts.

For all of our concerts we ask for a $10 suggested donation.

  1. Design Concept: Tari Takara | Graphic Design: Rupal Patel | Artwork: Kevin Brady | Mosquito Gulch Studio | 209-419-1126 | ↩︎