It’s All About the Music!

Mountain Melody Photo of 4 Women SingningIt’s all about the music!

I have always loved music. I love singing, listening to music, dancing to music, and playing it on my ukulele.

I think of myself as a musical “idiot savant,” as my musical training is a bit spotty, but I was given (thanks Mom!) a great vocal instrument, and also a pretty good ear.
Due to a social disease (extreme shyness) in my youth, I missed out on the experience of choral singing in high school.

But, I am doing it now, and loving it.

Music really is a language unto itself. I feel that by being a part of Mountain Melody, my music reading ability has improved so much.
Half notes, quarter notes, dotted quarter notes—bring it on!
There is so much to learn from every piece of music I study.

And the experience of performing is wonderful.
It’s such a privilege to share the music with the audience and hear the applause when they enjoy it.
It makes it all worthwhile to be inside the songs, blending with the beautiful voices in the chorus, becoming one with the music.