MM Stories: Rene F.

Last Minute Instuctions by Julie

Last Minute Instructions

I moved to Calaveras county in 2013 knowing no one other than my wonderful, new husband. When I caught a nasty cold I went to the prompt care in Angels Camp. The physician on call was a woman about my age, and she asked about my hobbies and when I shared that I had been a member of a singing group in the valley she immediately told me about Mountain Melody. She told me about their spring concert in San Andreas, within a few weeks, and recommended I go take a “look see”. I did just that and I was blown away with what I heard. I could not believe the wonderful blending of voices and quality. I did not know if my voice would fit in or if I was indeed qualified to be a member, but I called Julie and did an audition. The rest is history I guess. But the thing that has become clear to me… it is not just the music that this group is about…it is about the wonderful people who do the singing…this group of ladies have welcomed me with open hearts and hands. I am privileged to know them and so blessed to join my voice with the lovely, melodious voices in this choir.

Rene F. Member since 2013