Mountain Melody Women’s Chorus Presents Our Winter Concert Series: “Winter Phoenix Rising–Up From The Ashes of the Butte Fire”

The human voice is an instrument with the power to uplift, calm, soothe, excite and move us in a very visceral way. When you gather together many voices, singing different parts arranged in a piece of music, that impact is amplified and taken to another level. The women in Mountain Melody will move you with the beauty of their voices, their “special blend” of harmony and their soulful sound.

Director Julia Shelby is the guiding hand behind Mountain Melody, after forming the chorus in 2005, with a small group of friends who enjoyed singing together. The chorus has grown in size, and with the addition of Marge Biagi-Castro on piano, the music has become even more sophisticated.

All the individual voices work diligently to produce the richly resonant and harmonic tones, highlighting the versatility of the ensemble. With their diverse musical backgrounds, each singer adds a special flavor to the music. The selection of songs spans many genres, including popular songs, Broadway melodies, classical, jazz, and folk songs.

We are sure you will enjoy the program, because it is with great joy that we create and share our music with you.

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