MM Stories: Carol M.

Carol M.

Beautiful Carol

I was one of five siblings growing up in a family that sang songs every time we were in the car. I always held the melody as some of my sisters and brothers were more musically inclined.

When I joined the original nine members of Mountain Melody I was just in it for the fun. Little did I know that I would be a Soprano 2, not singing the melody for most songs and that we would be memorizing and performing our music. It is fun, but oh so challenging at times. The rewards of memorization are an unexpected bonus.

I love singing with the delightful musically talented women. They have helped bring me along an unexpected path of singing. After 10 years with the choir, I am beginning to hold my own and can even sing harmonies with my family.

I thank MM for reducing the number of crossword puzzles and Sudoku I need to do to keep my brain cells firing.

At our first performance I opened my mouth and nothing came out. I had never intended to sing in a performing choir. I now love it. I can’t stop smiling when we sing together at our concerts.

Carol M., Member since 2005